Xiamen Tongchuang Detection Technology Co., Ltd. (TCT) was founded in 2008, and is a professional solution provider for research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of testing instruments, application development integration of advanced automated detection systems and application integration of the Internet of Things.The company is mainly committed to providing advanced testing equipment and integrated system solutions for customers in automotive environmental protection, universities, research institutions and automation industry.

At present, the company's main products are: automotive and engine test instruments, environmental-process monitoring instruments, mobile pollution source monitoring instruments and Internet of Things detection system solutions.TCT has established long-term win-win strategic partnership with well-known research institutes and enterprises at home and abroad. TCT is one of the major R&D enterprises in the world for a few products such as PEMS, engine emission analysis system, high temperature exhaust mass flowmeter, engine exhaust particulate matter analyzer, etc.Advanced design concepts and rich experience in the industry enable us to have leading technical advantages with competitors in the same industry, so that our products can better meet the actual needs of the market._

The company has a number of excellent software and hardware design and development personnel, belonging to the national dual-software certified enterprise, and has been awarded the "national high-tech enterprise", "Xiamen high-tech enterprise", "Specialized new enterprise". With the business concept of "professional, rigorous, innovative and honest", the company develops and designs a series of industry-leading testing equipment and systems to provide customers with advanced solutions in the field of measurement and control.At present, the company has thousands of national planning experts and doctoral tutors, and has set up an advanced instrument product technology development center in Shandong. The company has obtained 16 patents, 28 software copyright certificates and 28 software registration certificates.

Since its establishment, the company has been guided by the business concept of "technology first, customer first, honest service, win-win cooperation". With good service awareness, reliable product quality, honest working style and personalized customized service, it has provided many large enterprises with advanced technology and powerful instruments and equipment, measurement and control system products and information-based solutions.Help customers improve management level and work efficiency in energy saving and emission reduction, product quality control, advanced engine design and development, test target realization, environmental protection supervision, and win the unanimous approval and approval of customers.